Install a Custom Recovery on the OnePlus One

To install a custom recovery on your OnePlus One you’ll first need to unlock the bootloader on your phone, here’s the guide to do so.

In case you already have a unlocked bootloader, please take a minute to go over the cautionary notes before you proceed:


  • You run a chance of voiding your phones warranty when you flash custom stuff, make note.
  • Flashing the incorrect file will surely mess up your phone, make sure you download the correct file.
  • Make sure your phone is charged to at least 80% before proceeding.
  • This process will most likely wipe your phone so backup your phones contents before proceeding
    • To backup Call Logs:: Guide
    • To backup text messages: Guide
    • To backup Contacts: Guide
    • To backup media, connect your phone to your computer and copy the media folders to your local drive
  • TheAndroid.Guru does not take any responsibility of any damage, please proceed at your own risk

Next, download the TWRP custom recovery:

TWRP Custom Recovery: Download

Download the latest build, rename it to recovery.img. It is imperative that you rename it to nothing else but recovery.img. Place the renamed file in the platform-tools folder of ADB you’ve setup. If you haven’t setup ADB then do it now.

Turn off your phone and boot into fastboot mode: hold volume UP & power together until you see the display say fastboot mode.

Navigate to the platform-tools folder inside ADB and issue the following:

One the process completes, disconnect your phone from the computer and hold the power button to turn it off. To enter the custom recovery hold down the volume DOWN & power buttons.

You should now be greeted by the TWRP custom recovery screen.