How to unlock the bootloader for the OnePlus One

Let’s start, but first go over the cautionary notes below:


  • Unlocking the bootloader on  your phone will void your phones warranty, proceed at your own risk
  • Flashing the incorrect file will surely mess up your phone, make sure you download the correct file
  • Make sure your phone is charged to at least 80% before proceeding
  • This process will most likely wipe your phone so backup your phones contents before proceeding
    • To backup Call Logs:: Guide
    • To backup text messages: Guide
    • To backup Contacts: Guide
    • To backup media, connect your phone to your computer and copy the media folders to your local drive
  • TheAndroid.Guru does not take any responsibility of any damage, please proceed at your own risk

A couple of things you’ll need:

– Download and install USB drivers on the computer you are performing these steps on

You now need to enable USB Debugging and get a copy of ADB, follow the guides below to get things ready.

– Follow this guide if you don’t see Developer Options or need help enabling USB Debugging: Guide

– You’ll also need a working copy of ADB on your system, follow this guide to setup all that up: Guide

On with it then,

Start by turning off your phone

Now press and hold the volume UP & power buttons until you see the phone display say fastboot. 

Navigate to the platform-tools folder where you setup ADB and issue the following:

If everything is set up as instructed should see a string returned which contains a random string of numbers followed by a device label. You can now proceed to unlock the bootloader of the phone.

To unlock the bootloader (will wipe all your data):

Issue the following when the process completes:

You need to perform once more step when the phone comes back online to make sure everything you doesn’t come undone with an update:

Go to Settings > Developer Options (hit Settings>About>Build Number 7 times) then disable: Update Recovery with System Updates.

That’s it, you’re rooted!