How to Backup Text Messages (SMS) on an Android Device – Super Backup

Backing up test messages on an Android device has always been a challenge. You’ll experience this when your migrating your data to a new device.

For obvious privacy reasons, Google will neither backup nor migrate your messages to your new device. Super Backup solves this problem.

Head to the Play Store and install Super Backup, or open this link on your device and hit install

install super backup

Launch the app and head into the SMS section


Hit Backup

backup sms

Select where you’d like to save the file on your device, hit OK and you’ll see a progress bar showing you the process has started

backup sms

backup sms

You’ll be prompted with a window indicating that the process has been completed and asking you whether you’d like to upload the file somewhere:

backup sms

screenshot (4)

That’s it, you’ve successfully backed up your all the text messages on your device to a single file.

Note: Make sure you copy the backup file to a safe location on your computer. You’ll need to connect your phone to your computer and navigate to the folder which you specified above. If you’ve uploaded the file somewhere you won’t need to do this.


Restoring from the generated backup file is pretty straight forward, install and launch the app on the new device and head into the SMS section and hit Restore.

Plugin the device to your computer and copy the backup file to a folder on the device.

The app needs to be set as the default messaging app to be able to restore the backup file, hit yes and select the file you want to restore.

That’s it, once the process is complete you’re default messaging app will be set as default, you should now have all your text messages restored