How to Backup Call Logs on an Android Device – Super Backup

We’ve covered how to backup contacts and text messages on your Android device, let’s see how we can backup the call logs.

Head over to the Play Store and install Super Backup, or open this link on your device and hit install

install super backup

Open the app and head into Call Logs

backup call logs


Hit Backup

backup call logs


Specify where you’d like to save the backup file and hit OK

backup call logs


You’ll be prompted by a Successful message and it’ll ask you whether you’d like to upload the file somewhere

backup call logs

That’s it, you’ve successfully backed up your Call Logs

Note: Make sure you copy the backup file to a safe location on your computer. You’ll need to connect your phone to your computer and navigate to the folder which you specified above. If you’ve uploaded the file somewhere you won’t need to do this.