Download and install Android SDK Tools

Almost every guide which covers installation, recovery, backup etc, starts off by getting a hold of adb and fastbootTo get these you need the Android SDK Tools

To get a copy for your self start off by downloading the Standalone SDK Tools from the Android Developers website:

Extract the downloaded file to a location of your choosing on your computer.

Navigate to the folder you installed / extracted the SDK tools to and launch the Android SDK Manager.

sdk manager

Install the following three:

  • Tools > Android SDK Tools
  • Tools > Android SDK Platform-tools
  • Extas > Google USB Driver

android sdk install

Hit Install, wait for the Android SDK Manager to download and install the selected packages.

That’s it, you should now have a working copy of ADB and Fastboot.

To Verify

This guide covers the question on how to enable debugging mode as well as how to verify it: Follow this guide.